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As moms we are always trying to provide the best opportunities for our children. We always have their best interest at heart and I am sure you work tirelessly to ensure your child has access to quality education. Every stage of motherhood has its own hardships and as your kids grow up the challenges look […]


Timber Creek High School in Orlando : A Great School for Your Teen

Beautiful blonde Timber Creek High School student sits in a field of tall grass and smiles at the camera during her Senior session with M. Lauren Photography.
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If you are searching for the top locations on campus to take photos you came to the right place. If you are a soon to be graduate of the University of Central Florida – CONGRATULATIONS. What a huge accomplishment. Now let’s chat about all the best places around campus for your UCF graduation photos. UCF […]


UCF Graduation Photos | Top Campus Photo Locations

UCF graduation photos in the stadium arena, graduate standing in the stadium with hands up in celebration.